20.12.2017 - Welcome!


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Welcome to our web page initiated to my beloved first RR NAOMI which lives over the Rainbow now, but brought this world 3 generations of wonderful Ridgebacks over the Europe!




as well as her gorgeous doughter Sahara, our rising star Olivia, beautiful Gefest, representing, such a beautiful and rare breed as Rhodesian Ridgeback in Latvia! As well as Jack Russell terrier, lovely and friendly as our  Daisy and Zoom!!!


We would like to confine you in some information regarding individuality and characteristic of these breeds and to describe our best friends Naomi, Sahara, Gefest and JRT Daisy and Zoom as well.


We are sure - once you get to know at least one of these breeds it will become your love forever!!!










With love










 attractive, active and adorable RRs